A New Way To Crowdfund A Tech Startup: Customer Crowdfunding (To Own Our Customers!)
Same 50x to 100x Return As Equity Crowdfunding, But Payback Starts Immediately...

Instead Of Owning The Stock In The Company (An Asset Representing A Share Of Value In The Company) - You Would Own The Customers, Which Are The Actual "Underlying Assets" That Give The Company Value To Begin With. This Allows Payback To Start Immediately.

You Can Now Invest Directly Into Our High-Growth, High-Tech Startup Via Our Advertising Budget To Buy & Own Our Customers (Ongoing Cash Producing Assets). Each Customer (Asset) Is Approximately Acquired For $7.50 to $10.00 And Then Returns $6.25 /Mth ROI Profit (On Avg Via Five $50.00 Purchases /Year), Providing A 10x ROI Annually = 50x ROI In 5 Years = 100x ROI In 10 Years. You Simply Invest Into Our Proprietary Ad Tool & It Auto-Assigns Customers (Cash Producing Assets) Into Your Customer Asset Portfolio. Then The Assets Pay Out On An Ongoing Basis. No Waiting (Comparatively).

Normally, To Get This High Of An ROI, You Must Crowdfund Invest Into A Startup By Buying Stock Equity Shares Of The Company, Which You Then Must Hold For 3-5 "Risky" Years Before The Stock Is Even Worth Anything At All - 9 Out of 10 Startups Fail After All Of Those Years Of Waiting, And Your Investment Becomes Worthless Before It Was Worth Anything At All. Our New Form Of Crowdfunding Solution Directly Into The Company's Operational Budget Is Far Better. Same 50x to 100x Return With Comparatively Immediate & Constant Payback - You Don't Have To Wait Years To Know If You Will Be Getting A Return - That Means It Is Much Lower Risk Than All Other Forms Of Crowdfunding.

Website + 12 Million Products + Ad Campaign (fully setup) - it's all here, all set to go - you literally just put in your credit card & push a button to turn your system on. In Other Words...We got "your fish all the way to the boat"...and all you have to do now is "net the fish." ..."There he' Is!! - Fish ON!!" 

System Overview & Information:
  • The System Is Free. You Are Never Required To Pay A Monthly Fee. And You May Pause At Any Time.
  • Get Your Marketplace Website w/ 12 Million Products & Google Ad Tool Instantly.
  • Get Your Admin Panel To See Your Profit, Your Customer Asset Portfolio That You Have Crowdfunded & Own, & Helpful Tips.
  • No Setup Needed, The System Is Simple To Operate. You Just Press A Button To Turn On & Off The Automated Ad Tool.
  • We Also Email Customers Bi-Weekly For You, To Entice Them To Buy Products Regularly (Profit Goes To You).
How The System Works:
  • To Signup Customers (Assets), Just Advertise via The Automated Ad Tool By Turning It On
  • When A Visitor Lands On Your Marketplace Website They Are Assigned To You (via A Cookie)
  • When They Sign Up As A Customer, You Will See Them In Your Admin Panel
  • Every Time They Make A Purchase From Then On, You Get 30% Profit, It's That Simple
  • When You Sign Up Another Investor Like You, You Get 4.5% Downline Profit From Their Intake
  • That's It! (We Manage The Whole Marketplace, Ship The Products, Handle Customer Service & Product Returns)
  • You Can Build A Large Customer Base Over Time That Pays Constantly, Permanently

Customers are steady, Cash Producing Assets, that typically stay for 10+ years or permanently (if we do our job well),  and they typically make five $50 purchases per year, producing profits of about $6.25 per month, per customer (on average) = $75 per customer, per year. That's not bad if you only spend $7.50 to acquire them to begin with, it's approximately a 10x ROI annually x 10+ years ($750); you almost get paid back what you put in every month. That's how online marketplaces become Billion dollar companies. And this is your opportunity to own your piece of the company by investing into our marketplace by buying the advertising to own the Cash Producing Assets (the customers). By helping us, you are reducing our cost of customer acquisition, which greatly strengthens our business model, and we're happy to share; we win when our stock price rises. Do you want $7.5 Million for yourself over the next 10 years?...then bring in 10,000 customers (that's 1,000 customers per year = 83 per month = only 20 per week). The sky is the limit. Technically, you could also sell your whole portfolio at some point as a single package to exit with a larger multiple than face value.

A Screen Shot of Your Admin Panel:

Automated Google Advertising Tool:
Our proprietary Google Ad Tool sends a "stream" of fish/customers to your boat/marketplace automatically with the push of a button. It is configured by experts. When you put $7.50 to $10.00 in to acquire 1 customer, that can pay back $6.50 per month, permanently (on average) = a 10x ROI annually = 50x ROI in 5 years & 100x ROI in 10 years.

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