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How We Are Changing The Industry:

At other companies you are:
  • Charged money just to join
  • Go Through A Cumbersome Setup Process
  • Required to purchase inventory, and get stuck with it
  • Required to ship the products to customers yourself
  • Stuck selling only one company's dictated products
  • Forced to "pound the pavement," knock on doors, and hold awkward product parties in your home
  • Stuck with the merchant you chose, and if you leave them you would loose all of the customers and income that you built over time
  • Stuck...Stuck...Stuck...

...and that's all changed now...Here at Go Fish Marketplace:
  • You pay zero and get started instantly
  • You can sell ALL products in the entire marketplace, with more added each month
  • You are never required to purchase inventory
  • You only do the selling and/or recruiting; we ship the products
  • You also receive 10% Downline Commission of recruited other Brand Ambassadors "or" Customers

What You Receive Instantly Upon Signup:
  • Your own beautiful store website filled with the entire marketplace of 12 million products
  • Admin Panel to manage your business, communicate with customers, and build your Downline Commission
  • Full Instructions On Your Admin Panel
  • Buy any products yourself at the 20% off price
  • Earn 20% on all sales as well as 10% downline of recruited Customers or Brand Ambassadors
  • Optional Personalized Business Cards + Discount Codes To Give Customers
  • Inter-Marketplace Messaging to communicate with all of your Customers
  • Message System & Phone Support M-F 9-5 PST

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Run Your Business From Your Smartphone

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Your Website Will Have All 12 Million Marketplace Products With More Added Each Month

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