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When A Visitor Lands On Your Marketplace They Are Assigned To You.
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And You Get 30% Commission From All Of Their Purchases From Then On!

For Example: When A Customer Makes A $100 Purchase, $30 Is Sent To You.
When Your Downline Ambassadors Make A $100 Sale, They Get $30 & You Get 15% Of That.
That's It! (We Ship The Products, Handle Customer Service & Product Returns)
We Also Email Existing Customers Bi-Weekly For You To Entice Them To Buy Products

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    Use Our Google Ad Tool To Auto-Signup Up To 200 Downline Ambassadors & 40 Customers Per Week!

    Here at Go Fish Marketplace:
    • You Pay Zero & Are Never Required To Pay A Monthly Fee (we keep a small % of sales)
    • Get Your Own Beautiful Marketplace w/ 12 Million Products Instantly (More Than Any Other Reseller Program)
    • Get Admin Panel To Manage Your Business, See Your Customers, Downline Recruits, & Instructions
    • Less Work Than eBay, Shopify, or Amazon (You Just Refer or Send Customers To Your Marketplace For Signup)
      • No Sourcing Products, No Setup Needed, No Sales Slips To Fill Out.
    • Get A Google Ad Tool That Automatically Sends Downline Ambassadors & Customers To Your Marketplace
    • Build A Large Income By Building A Large Customer Base & Large Downline Team
    • Get 15% Downline Commission of Everything Your Downline Ambassadors Earn
    • Get Optional Business Cards + Discount Codes, All Free
    • Most Products Are Priced $4 to $30 & Easy To Sell
    At other companies...
    • You Must Awkwardly Sell To Friends & Family - Here You Can Automatically Advertise Online!!
    • You Have A Cumbersome Setup & Upload Process On Platforms Like eBay & Amazon
    • You Must Source Your Own Products or Sell A Limited Product Line
    • Customers Are Redirected Away From Your Site To Purchase (Affiliate Programs, no repeat customers)

    Click To View An Example Marketplace Franchise:
    (Notice that the "/nikesalesrep" username in the URL window identifies the owner)
    Sales Rep Website

    A Screen Shot of Your Admin Panel:

    Optional Google Advertising Tool:
    Our system is completely free, but if you wish to supercharge the number of Downline Ambassadors & Customers you send to your Marketplace, our simple (and very effective) Google Advertising Tool allows you to just sit back and drive expert targeted visitors to your Marketplace "fully automatically" for only $0.25 cents per visitor - if you're able to put you're money to work for you instead of manually posting to the Internet on your own. The Google Ad Tool turns novice non-tech-savvy Brand Ambassadors into recruiting machines with the flip of a switch. 

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