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You Get A Website Instantly Filled With All "12 Million" Marketplace Products
When A Visitor First Lands On Your Go Fish Website We Assign Them A Tracking Cookie To Assign Them To You
Once That Visitor Signs Up As A Customer You Will Get 30% Of Everything They Spend In The Marketplace From Then On!!
We Will Conduct Regular Email Marketing To All Customers For You To Entice Them To Make Purchases Over Time..."You Bag Em, We Tag Em!."

Typically Every 100 Visitors Signs Up 1 Customer, And Each Purchases $500 to $750 Over 2-3 Years
So, For You, Each Customer Can Be Worth $150 to $225 Over 2-3 Years
Your Sales Commission Is 30% On All Products + 3% Downline For Referring Other Brand Ambassadors
Run Your Business From Your Smartphone (or Laptop)

Why We Are "Far" Better Than Any Other Reseller/Affiliate Program...And What Other Marketplaces Don't Tell You

This is the best designed affiliate/reseller system on the Internet. Other marketplaces (even the biggest ones that start with an "A") only provide you with a link to products or categories, and even then they only provide 4% to 6% Commission...they "use" you to sign up customers who then go on to purchase $500 to $750 over 2-3 years, but not from your link...see, the problem is that statistics show that only 1% of marketplace visitors are looking to make a purchase on their first with Go Fish Marketplace, you can sign up customers, and then we will sell products to those customers "over time" instead of losing them just because they didn't want to make a purchase from your link on their first visit. So, normally at other marketplaces, you post your product link and customers sign up from it, but when they actually make their purchase you get nothing.
80% of eCommerce marketplace revenue comes from "repeat" purchases over when you use a link provided by another marketplace, that marketplace has then used you to get the customer - and then all repeat purchases go to the marketplace, not to you. At Go Fish, after you secure a customer, they are "YOURS" from then on.
Statistics also show that 20% of eCommerce sales comes from regular email marketing...not affiliate links, so we will conduct email marketing for you, something that other marketplaces surely don't do for their affiliates, just for themselves. 

You Also Get Optional Business Cards, Discount Codes,  + An Admin Panel With Full Instructions Immediately.

  • The Products Come Straight From Manufacturers
  • Most Products Are Priced Between $4 to $30 And Easy To Sell
  • Easy Sales: Customers Can Purchase Products via PayPal Credit
  • It's Less Work For You Than eBay, Shopify, and Amazon:
    •     Just Signup Customers & Optionally Sell If You Want - No Sourcing Products or Connecting Suppliers, No Setup Needed, No Sales Slips To Fill Out, & We Market To The Customers & Ship Them The Products!
At other companies you are:
  • Stuck selling a limited line of products
  • Customers Are Re-Directed Away From You To Signup & Make The Purchase, so no repeat customers
  • On Platforms like ebay There's A Cumbersome Setup & Product Uploading Process
  • Required to ship the products to customers yourself
  • Forced to "pound the pavement," or hold awkward product parties in your home
...Here at Go Fish Marketplace:
  • You pay zero & are never required to pay a monthly fee
  • You get your own beautiful store website filled with the entire marketplace of 12 million products
  • You only do the recruiting and/or selling; we ship the products
  • Build A Large Business By Building A Large Customer Base & 3% downline for referring new Brand Ambassadors
  • You get an Admin Panel to manage your business, and build your Commission
  • You get Full Instructions On Your Admin Panel
  • You Get Optional Personalized Business Cards + Discount Codes To Give Customers
  • Support via Message System

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Run Your Business From Your Smartphone

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Your Website Will Have All 12 Million Marketplace Products With More Added Each Month

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