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    [join_us] => We Offer A New Type Of Crowdfunding Option That Is Non-Investment And Still Provides The Same Comparable High ROI or ("Return On Input") Goal As Compared To Equity Crowdfunding. We Provide A Much Less Risky "Linear Return" Crowdfunding Option Into An Already Profitable Company That Can Begin To Pay A Return Immediately vs. Equity Crowdfunding, Which Is A Complete Moon-Shot "Exponential" Potential Return That May Only Start To Pay A Return After Several Years (If It Even Does Pay At All - Most Startups Fail) - And Equity Crowdfunding Does Not Even Always Promise A Higher ROI. Our Way Is Faster, Less Risky, And Pays Just As Much If Not More, And Then Keeps Paying For A Much Longer Term, With A Goal Of Not Just 10x Total, But 10x "Annually" (Paid Constantly & Continually) From An Already Profitable Company. 

The ROI (Return On Input) can become "exponential" if the Crowdfunder re-inputs their earnings [i.e. 10x year one X 10x year two = 100x X 10x year 3 = 1,000x] - equal to a "successful" equity crowdfunding pick (the 1 in 10 that does succeed) at the high return that it likes to set as the goal - just at a much lower risk, because it starts to pay relatively immediately from an already profitable company.

(Note: Eventually, Options Will Be Available For You To "Customer Crowdfund" Into "Other" Already Profitable eCommerce Companies (Aside From Just Go Fish Marketplace). And The Existing Customer (Assets) That Will Be In Your Portfolio At That Time Will Have An Additional Opportunity To Purchase Products From Those Additional eCommerce Companies, Further Increasing Your Return. We Will Offer A "Customer Crowdfunding Platform" Of Already Profitable eCommerce Companies...Join Us Now, We Are Going To Change eCommerce As We Know It.)

A "Customer Crowdfunder" Can Set A Goal Where They Can Put In $100 To Get $1,000 Back In 12 Months, And Get Another $5,000 Back In 5 Years, or Put In $1,000 To Get $10,000 Back In 12 Months, And Get Another $50,000 Back In 5 Years. We Present A "New Way" To Allow Main Street America To Tap Into High ROI (Return On Input) Via This New Form Of Crowdfunding, That We Have Warmly Deemed "Customer Crowdfunding" Which Provides A High ROI Goal At A Much Faster Payback With A Much Lower Risk Profile.

Our Sophisticated New Form Of Crowdfunding, Called "Customer Crowdfunding," Allows You To Crowdfund Directly Into Our Already Successful High-Growth eCommerce Marketplace via Our Operational Advertising Budget To Own Our Customers (Ongoing Cash Producing Assets). Each Customer (Asset) Is Typically Acquired By For $7.50 (On Average) And Then Returns $75 Profit Every Year (On Avg) ($6.25 /Month) Via Five $50.00 Purchases Per Year @ a 20% to 40% Profit Margin For You (depending on the product), Yielding A 10x Return Goal Every Year & A 50x Return Goal Over 5 Years. You Simply Put Money Into Our Proprietary Ad Tool & It Auto-Assigns Customers (Cash Producing Assets) Into Your Customer Asset Portfolio. Then The Assets Pay Out To You On An Ongoing Basis As The Customers Make Ongoing Purchases In The Marketplace, And As Mentioned, You Receive A 20% to 40% Profit Margin On Everything Each Customer (Asset) Purchases For Their Entire 10 to 15+ Year Ongoing Customer Lifetime.

Essentially, As A Crowdfunder, You Would Receive 95% Of Our Customer Profit. We Are Happy As Our Stock Value Increases As Revenues Continue To Climb. The Current Largest Online Marketplace Grew To Its Current Size By Foregoing Profit To Pass That Savings Onto The Customer, And We Are Foregoing Profit To Pass That Savings Onto Our Customer Crowdfunders. In Addition, Our Products Are "Very" Low Cost To Customers Because We Are Providing Them Straight From Manufacturers.

And Because Brick And Mortar Stores Are Currently All Closed, The World Is Now "Power-Using" eCommerce - And That Will Continue For A Long Time. Reports Show That 74% Of People Now Plan To Shop More Online, And Only 30% Of People Plan To Get The Vaccine When It Becomes Available. Go Fish Plans To Continue To Provide Contactless Shopping On An Ever Increasing Scale And Ultimately Grow To A Very Strong Foothold In The Market, With Hundreds Of Millions Of Products Coming Soon.

Recent Results:
We are truthfully very proud that the system works very well, and we have so many improvements planned. Users are currently signing up Customer Assets like clockwork, for as little as $1.00, like LaTaren H. whom signed up 14 Customer Assets in 4 days via just $60 input - and many of them are making purchases immediately (though we cannot promise this will happen for you). We can inform you though, that some Crowdfunders just in August through October 2020 have signed up Customer Assets for a couple dollars, that immediately upon signup, put in big ticket orders such as pro fishing reels for $280.00 yielding $84 in profit, others have acquired as many Customer Assets as 14 in just 4 days of using the Ad Tool at the $15 per day rate, several of which made purchases immediately. Given that our system does provide a "linear" 10x ROI annual goal, it can be stated that if a person re-inputs their 10x balance from their first year (or whatever excess they generated) and then get another 10x ROI in the 2nd year, then that actually calculates to "100x" in just 2 years, (not just a 20x linear intake), meaning, if a Customer Crowdfunder does re-input their balance, their earnings becomes "exponential" vs. just "linear." For example...the gentleman that acquired the Customer Asset for $7.50 and then that Asset made their first purchase of a fishing reel for $280.00 yielding him $84 in profit and 10.2x ROI immediately...if he were to re-input that $84 profit instead of just leaving it in his Go Fish account balance and then that happens again within the next 24 months to the Customers that he acquires with those funds, then he would be getting a "100x ROI" in just 2 years, (not just a 20x linear intake). And the 3rd year would be a 1,000x ROI (comparable to Equity Crowdfunding). The future of Customer Crowdfunding coupled with the eCommerce "Boom" looks bright.

System Overview & Information:
After You Signup via Our One Step Quick Signup, You Just Put In Your PayPal Info & Literally Just Push A Button To Turn Your System On And Start Acquiring Customers (Assets) Into Your Cash-Producing-Asset-Portfolio.

Your System Consists Of An Admin Panel With A Professionally Setup Advertising Campaign (via On/Off Push Button Ad Tool) + An Asset Capture Website Loaded With 12 Million Products, Growing Every Day.

How The System Works:

Customers are steady, Cash Producing Assets that typically stay with an eCommerce marketplace for 15+ years or permanently. Put in as much as you would like, eCommerce is a $300 Billion industry, and it is going to do nothing but grow over the next 20 years. The more you put in, the more your ongoing 10x return goal can be every year.

A Screen Shot of Your Admin Panel:

Automated Google Advertising Tool:
Our proprietary Google Ad Tool sends a "stream" customers (cash producing assets) to your asset capture marketplace landing website automatically with the push of a button. It is configured by google search experts and is always being improved.

Check In On Your System From Your Smartphone:

Click To See What Your Marketplace Asset Capture Website Will Look Like:
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