Reseller Commission Rate Avg. 20.00%
Products Offered Jewelry
Number of Product Offered 18
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Annie Reh

Our Team's Story & A Word From Our Team's Leader...

I started by selling my designs to local stores (in 2008) which took me away from my little ones for too many hours.

One day I decided to start a shop here on ETSY (in 2010) which Quickly and Luckily became my dream come true and has allowed me the opportunity to create and sell my creations on line (& stay home with my babies). Thank you to ETSY and my AMAZING CUSTOMERS, I have been able to stay at home, design, and sell my creations & support & provide for my beautiful family.

A Word From Our Team's Leader Why You Should Choose To Join "Us"

I absolutely LOVE what I do every single day which makes this journey I have been on even more special!

Creating my designs for people that have touched so many hearts has made this more rewarding than words can express. I am grateful and honored to hear the reviews from so many customers that have expressed themselves through JOY (such as births, weddings, graduations etc.) and as well as the emotional responses (such as, loss of loved ones, parents, children). It brings me joy everyday to know how many people all over the world wear my designs and puts a smile on their face.