Reseller Commission Rate Avg. 30.00%
Products Offered Cosmetics
Number of Product Offered 95
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Ali Khan

Our Team's Story & A Word From Our Team's Leader...

Martinni Beauty, Inc. was established in the United States in 2003. We are devoted to the development, research and production of innovative and high quality cosmetics, depilatory products, eyelash extension supply, beauty equipment, spa furniture, spa apparel, and disposable spa supplies. Martinni has become the most reputable market leader with a variety of professional use masks. We are committed to provide the best quality products and to make a real contribution to the success of our customers. Our mission is educating and supporting our customers in the use of our products and to deliver the ultimate spa experience.

A Word From Our Team's Leader Why You Should Choose To Join "Us"

We deliver high quality and innovative products using an efficient production line as well as the support of a team of experienced researchers. Martinni has partnered with many organizations that support our mission and goals. To meet the increasing demand for our products, we have now located our manufacturing sites globally. In addition to production and excellent delivery logistics, we are constantly seeking talented personnel to maintain our leadership in developing innovative quality products. This keeps Martinni at the competitive edge of research and development.