• Refund Policy

  • Refund Policy & On Time Guarantee

    Refund Policy

    We stand behind our products 100% and stand with you (the Consumer). You are the life force that supports our business and the driving force of our future. We will "always" work our hardest to make sure that you continue to have an excellent ongoing, long-term experience with us here at Go Fish Marketplace. If you didn't receive your product or it is significantly different from the description on the product detail page we guarantee you a refund; no need to return the product.

    On Time Delivery Guarantee

    We also provide a guarantee that your purchase will arrive by a set date. That date is visible on the product detail page. If you want fast delivery use the "Ship From: United States" filter on all Product Category pages.

    Terms & Conditions

    - The item you received was damaged, defective, or substantially different from the item represented on the product detail page

    - Your account is in good standing

    - Policy invalid if order did not arrive due to buyer factors, such as the wrong shipping address was provided

  • Additional Consumer Protection

    Go Fish offers PayPal at Checkout which can act as an additional layer of security for you as the customer. PayPal has their own anti-fraud, consumer protection and disputes team that can refund your money in the rare event of an issue.

  • Sales Commission

  • How Does Sales Commission Work?

    Commission is automatically distributed to the correct Go Fish user accounts.Money can be withdrawn from your Go Fish account at any time by requesting a paypaldisbursement. We will be integrating auto-withdrawal functionality soon.

    Main Commission:Brand Ambassadors earn sales commission when a customer that they have recruited makes a purchase from the marketplace.

    Downline Commission:Any Brand Ambassadors can earn downline commission from recruiting a new Brand Ambassador that earns main commission. Downline Commission is set at 3% of the overall sale that the recruited Brand Ambassador made. So if Brand Ambassador A recruits Brand Ambassador B and Brand Ambassador B recruits a Customer that makes a $100 purchase, then Brand Ambassador B gets 27% commission and Brand Ambassador A gets 3% commission.