• Types of Users/Accounts

  • Customer Account, Earn 20% Cash Back!

    Customers can purchase from 12 million very low cost products directly from manufacturers. The prices are much lower than other marketplaces like Amazon & Walmart because our products have not been marked up by any "middle men" like Importers, Distributors, or Retailers.

    You can also sign up as a Customer "and" a Brand Ambassador (separately) and then buy from your own website to earn 20% back from everything that you buy.

  • What Is An Independent Brand Ambassador?

    Upon Signup You're Instantly Given A Products Website Filled With The Entire Marketplace of 12 Million of Products.
    When A Customer Buys From Your Website You Automatically Get 20% Commission. It's That Simple.
    You Also Get Optional Business Cards, Discount Codes, + An Admin Panel Immediately.

    • Sell 12 Million Very Low Priced Products Directly From Manufacturers
    • Our Products Are Lower Cost Than Amazon & Walmart Because They Have Not Been Marked Up By "Middlemen"
    • Most Products Are Priced Between $4 to $30 And Easy To Sell
    • Buy Any Products Yourself From Your Own Website Using Your 20% Discount Because The 20% Commission Is Sent Back To You
    • Easy Sales: Customers Can Purchase Products via PayPal Credit With No Interest For 6 Months!
    • It's Less Work Than eBay, Shopify, and Amazon:
      • Just Sell -No Sourcing Products or Connecting Suppliers, No Setup Needed, No Sales Slips To Fill Out, & We Ship The Products!
    • Build An Income: Recruit Other Brand Ambassadors Or Customers And Receive “10%” Downline Commission From Their Sales!

    How We Are Changing The Industry:

    At other companies you are:

    • Charged money just to join
    • Go Through A Cumbersome Setup Process
    • Required to purchase inventory, and get stuck with it
    • Required to ship the products to customers yourself
    • Stuck selling only one company's dictated products
    • Forced to "pound the pavement," knock on doors, and hold awkward product parties in your home
    • Stuck with the merchant you chose, and if you leave them you would loose all of the customers and income that you built over time
    • Stuck...Stuck...Stuck...

    ...and that's all changed now...Here at Go Fish Marketplace:

    • You pay zero and get started instantly
    • You can sell ALL products in the entire marketplace, with more added each month
    • You are never required to purchase inventory
    • You only do the selling and/or recruiting; we ship the products
    • You also receive 10% Downline Commission of recruited other Brand Ambassadors"or" Customers
    What You Receive Instantly Upon Signup:
    • Your own beautiful store website filled with the entire marketplace of 12 million products
    • Admin Panel to manage your business, communicate with customers, and build your Downline Commission
    • Buy any products yourself at the 20% off price
    • Earn 20% on all sales as well as 10% downline of recruited Customers or Brand Ambassadors
    • Optional Personalized Business Cards + Discount Codes To Give Customers
    • Inter-Marketplace Messaging to communicate with all of your Customers
    • Message System & Phone Support M-F 9-5 PST

  • Refund Policy

  • Consumer Protection

    Refund Policy

    If you didn't receive your product or it is significantly different to the description, we guarantee to refund your payment.

    On Time Delivery Guarantee

    We provide a guarantee that your purchase will arrive by a set date viewable on the Product Detail page.

    Terms & Conditions

    - The item you received was damaged, defective, or substantially different from the item represented on the product detail page

    - Your account is in good standing

    - Policy invalid if your order did not arrive not due to factors related to the buyer (for example: the wrong shipping address was provided)

  • Additional Consumer Protection

    Go Fish offers PayPal at Checkout which can act as an additional layer of security for you as the customer. PayPal has their own anti-fraud, consumer protection and disputes team that can refund your money in the event of a resolution.

  • Helpful Tips For Sales Reps

  • Where Can I Sell The Products?

    You can sell your products in multiple different ways:

    A. One of the most effective ways of marketing and selling your products online is to create a list of 50-100 people and then messaging them or emailing them "directly" with a tailored message that is tailored "specifically" for them, to offer a "specific product" that they may be interested in purchasing. For example, you may send a message to a facebook friend named Jennifer saying:

    "Hi Jennifer, I just wanted to reach out to you because I know that you always took very good care of your skin, so I wanted to tell you about this great product that I just started selling called "Product A" which is totally organic and designed to smooth out the skin. Here is a link to it; I thought that you might want to try it out: http://www.GoFishMarketplace.com/MerchantStoreA/SalesRepUsername If you have any questions contact me back at this info..."

    When Jennifer clicks on your link and purchases the product you get the commission.

    B. Simply by posting your website URL anywhere on the Internet: Your social media pages, online blogs, craigslist, and any other area that allows a posting. When a person clicks on your link it will take them directly to your online store where they can make a purchase or join as a new sales rep themselves, giving you the sales commission and/or downline commission.

    C. As one possibly effective sales method you may be able to use a database called Reference USA (https://www.referenceusa.com/) (Use it for free from home if you have any US Library Card). Using Reference USA, if you can use the "U.S. Consumers / Lifestyles" Database to make lists of people in your area based on list criteria such as income, gender, purchasing habits, ect. You can create a list of people that may be interested in the products that you currently sell and then contact them on the phone to pitch your products and Go Fish website.

    D. You are "never" required to purchase any inventory, sample products, or demo products here on Go Fish Marketplace, but as one possibly effective sales method you may contact a Merchant to purchase some sample products and:

    1. Set up a table at a local flea market in your area, or
    2. Call "311" to find information in your city about how to setup a "vendor table," which is a product display table along the heavy walking traffic areas of your city, such as farmers markets
    You can also bring an Ipad to hand it to potential customers so that they can have the opportunity to view "all" of the products on your Go Fish Marketplace store and purchase any product that you have listed there on your Go Fish website. You can also show them your Reseller Opportunity page and earn the downline commission if you can entice them to sign up as an Independent Sales Rep themselves. Here is a list of many of the flea markets in the US: http://fleamarketzone.com/flea-market-directory/.

    E. As stated, you are "never" required to purchase any inventory, sample products, or demo products here on Go Fish Marketplace, but as one possibly effective sales method you may be able to use a database called Reference USA (https://www.referenceusa.com/) (Use it for free from home if you have any US Library Card).

    Using Reference USA, if you can identify local shops that may want to purchase the products that you sell you can contact them and offer to sell your products to them at a discount so that they can make a profit from selling the products in their store.

    For example:

    1. Using Reference USA, if some of the products that you offer are Bath & Body products, then you can use Reference USA to find a list of 100 Day Spas or Medical Spas in your area.
    2. Then you can call them or walk in with a sample.

  • Can I Buy Something Myself & Get The Brand Ambassador Discount?

    Yes, just make a new customer account separately and use it to buy something from your own website.

    When you make the purchase you will pay full price, but the 20% commission will be sent back to your own Brand Ambassador account (received by you) and be visible on your Admin Panel dashboard, hence, giving you the 20% Cash Back.

  • Commissions & Sales Proceeds

  • How Does Sales Commission Work?

    Go Fish has established a set, Unilevel Commission Structure that is comprised as follows:

    Main Commission For Selling Products:

    Brand Ambassadorsearn 20% sales commission when they sell any of the products from their website, which offers all products from the whole marketplace. Once a sale is made the system automatically distributes the sales commission.

    Downline Commission For Recruiting:

    Any Brand Ambassadors can earn downline commission by either recruiting a newBrand Ambassadoror a new Customer. The downline commission is set at 10% of the overall Main Commission that is generated upon each sales transaction that occurs from the new user that was recruited.

    Example 1: IfBrand AmbassadorA recruitsBrand AmbassadorB, and thenBrand AmbassadorB makes a sale of $200 that had a commission of 20%, then the Main Commission generated is $40, and the 10% downline commission that is given toBrand AmbassadorA is [$40 x 10% = $4] for that one transaction, and it continues every time thatBrand AmbassadorB makes a sale.

    Example 2: IfBrand AmbassadorA recruits Customer A, and then Customer A makes a purchase of $200 that had a commission of 20%, then the Main Commission generated is $40, and the 10% downline commission that is given to Brand AmbassadorA is [$40 x 10% = $4] for that one transaction, and it continues every time that customer makes a purchase from any Brand Ambassador.

  • How Do I Get Paid?

    Sales proceeds are automatically distributed to the correct Go Fish user accounts.

    Money can be withdrawn from your Go Fish account at any time by requesting a paypal disbursement. We will be integrating auto-withdrawal functionality soon.

  • Recruiting

  • How Is Downline Recruiting Tracked?

    At Go Fish Marketplace we have created a simple and effective recruiting tracking system that makes sure that users are given the credit for conducting the recruitment of newBrand Ambassadorsand Customers.

    Here is how it works:

    Each Brand Ambassador is given a website after they sign up. When they post a link of their website url on the web, and a person clicks that link and then that person signs up on Go Fish Marketplace as a newBrand Ambassadoror Customer, then theBrand Ambassadorthat posted that link is given the credit for recruiting that new user and from then on given the downline commission accordingly. The newBrand Ambassadoror new Customer that has been recruited is also shown in the Admin Panel -> “Downline Commission” tab of theBrand Ambassadorthat did the recruiting.