Go Fish's Roots & Mission

At Go Fish, we can see that one of the main problems in the world today is "opportunity inequality," because the current world-wide economic structure is such that it is excessively difficult for any person to initiate upward mobility unless they already have capital, credit, and a track record. Also, most other marketplaces only help people earn a meager income to survive, not grow.

Go Fish's Mission is to provide as many people as possible with an opportunity to develop a viable, growing income, starting from scratch, regardless of any resources, capital, credit, education, connections, or a track record.

More About Go Fish:

Go Fish Marketplace is a very innovative  e-commerce consumer product marketplace that benefits online shoppers by allowing them to interface with Personal Online Shopping Assistants via a custom interface and face-to-face-video.

The higher-class experience for customers is much like the Personal Shoppers at Neiman Marcus’s brick-and-mortar stores. Shoppers can relay their preferences to their preferred sales reps ahead of time to allow the reps to prepare and do product research ahead of the online shopping appointment, or customers in a hurry can get help instantly to ask advice from a sales rep that is a product category expert, instead of searching through 10 Million sku’s on their own. Marketplaces are now too big for a customer acting alone to efficiently maximize their shopping experience (get the products they want - at the prices they want) on their own.

The benefit to the merchants is that, unlike all other e-commerce options where they are totally on their own and must spend money on advertising to draw in customers, at Go Fish Marketplace they can start an online store and then build a large sales team of personal shopping assistants to sell the products for them without spending any capital.

The benefit to the personal shopping assistants is that anyone can sign up and start earning a 20%+ commission without ever leaving their couch and develop an income without a ceiling like some other sharing economy income opportunities.