About Us

We offer 12 million extremely discounted products straight from manufacturers to your door. Prices here are much lower than other marketplaces like Amazon & Walmart because our products have not been marked up by any "middle men" like Importers, Distributors, or Retailers. We sign up over 200 new Brand Ambassadors every week, and we have been in business since 2012.

It's a fact: 8.3% of the entire US adult population is an independent seller. Whereas the entire industry is setup to bind the sales reps and hold them back in many ways, the mission of Go Fish, the first online marketplace for the $189 Billion global independent selling industry, is to "liberate" each and every one.

Prior to Go Fish, sales reps were balled and chained to a limited product line. And, in order to make a sale, had to pound the pavement or hold awkward product "parties" in their home with strangers. To rub salt into wounds, they were required to fork up as much as $800 just to join and get a "starter kit" ($300 - $500 worth of inventory). For sales reps and wannabe sales reps on a low income, the current system was anything but benevolent, and prevented many from developing an income, becoming self-sustainable and achieving financial freedom.

Enter Go Fish. Now sales reps can join a direct sales team for free, instantly be given their own products website and a back-end management website where they can sell any products in the entire marketplace and, using an innovative platform, can automatically send customers directly from Google straight to their Go Fish website.

And Go Fish's ground-breaking business model is designed to grow virally rapidly via two compounding factors of viral growth: (1) Go Fish recruits Brand Ambassadors that then recruit other Brand Ambassadors as well as customers. And (2), Brand Ambassadors and Customers can utilize the virality of their social media.

"We've taken a 100-year-old proven industry that was desperately in need of innovation," says Go Fish's Founder, "and using sophisticated technology and a benevolent user-friendly approach, helping as many as possible earn as much as possible by selling an array of products online, we've vastly improved upon it. You might say Go Fish was 100 years in the making." a true believer, he adds, "Like the old adage says, teach a man to fish and he'll eat for a lifetime. Well, now, millions of unchained sellers can Go Fish and earn for a lifetime."