About Us

We offer 15 million extremely discounted products straight from manufacturers to Customer's door. Prices here are much lower than other marketplaces like Amazon & Walmart because our products have not been marked up by any "middle men" like Importers, Distributors, or Retailers. We also sign up over 200 new Crowdfunders every week, and we have been in business since 2012.

It's a fact, startup equity crowdfunding investors typically wait 3-5 years only to see 9 out of 10 of their investments be worth nothing at all.

The mission of Go Fish is to provide Customers low priced products to without middlemen markups while providing Main Street America a "new way" to crowdfund high tech, high-growth startups, providing a large Return (up to 10x annually), with payback that begins relatively immediately, at a "much lower risk."

Now anyone can become a "new type" of Crowdfunder which we call “Customer Crowdfunder.” Instead of owning the stock in the company,  (an asset representing a share of value in the company) - they would own the Customers, which are the actual "underlying assets" that give the company the actual underlying value. This Allows Payback To Start Relatively Immediately. This new type of Crowdfunder can now join Go Fish and get a whole marketplace filled with 15 million products, instantly, plus a back-end management website with an advertising tool directly connected to Google so that all that they have to do to get customers is "slide" to indicate how many visitors they want to have visit their asset-capture website "and  click" to subscribe.  - and wallah, "instant" parade of customers streaming to their asset-capture website which auto-builds their cash-producing asset portfolio with the click of a button!

"We've taken a fledgling startup crowdfunding industry that was desperately in need of innovation," says Go Fish's Founder, "and using sophisticated technology and a benevolent user-friendly approach "where everyone works together to help each other succeed," we've vastly improved upon it. You might say Go Fish was 10 years in the making." A true believer, Baliva adds, "Like the old adage says, teach a man to fish and he'll eat for a lifetime. Well, now, millions of profit seekers can simply push a button on Go Fish and earn for a lifetime."

Looking forward, we at Go Fish plan on taking this technology bigger, and creating the worlds first and only "Customer Crowdfunding Platform," where any eCommerce site can use the platform to raise funding for their own customer acquisition by bringing on "Customer Crowdfunders" in exchange for providing them the Customer profit as they scale up. If Amazon wants to scale to such a large company by setting their profit margin at "zero" and passing that savings onto the customer, and call it "customer obsession," then we will honorably learn from that and enable a whole army of thousands of eCommerce sites/companies that have a customer acquisition cost of "zero" ...which literally "breaks the calculator" regarding the silicon valley calculation that evaluates a marketplace:  Customer Lifetime Value / Customer Acquisition Cost = ROI  ...because we can not divide by zero; the calculation "literally" breaks the calculator...try it, your calculator will yell at you.: [$2,500 / $0 = ROI?].

And, Go Fish Marketplace will grow as a large, central marketplace as we add more and more products to it from each eCommerce site that joins the Customer Crowdfunding platform.