Go Fish Marketplace, Inc.
A New Form Of Crowdfunding
Bringing Crowd Capital To eCommerce Sites
And A High ROI To Crowdfunders

About Us

It's a fact, there are over 20.1 Million eCommerce sites just here in the US, and for most of them, purchasing advertising for their website is the largest cost, sometimes so expensive that they can't afford it at all. Another shocking number is that the Crowdfunding industry is worth $17 Billion, poised to grow "1700%," over the next 9 years; that's "17x" where it sits today.

Enter Go Fish, who invented a new form of crowdfunding that brings the financial power of the crowd to "finance the advertising" for these eCommerce sites in exchange for a piece of the revenue pie. Go Fish provides main street America a "new way" to receive a large financial return (up to 100x annually), with payback that begins relatively immediately, as compared to angel investing or equity crowdfunding.

Now anyone can become this new type of Crowdfunder which Go Fish tenderly calls “Customer Crowdfunders,” which, instead of owning the stock in the company,  (an asset representing a share of value in the company) - the Customer Crowdfunder owns revenue rights to "the Customers," which are the actual "underlying assets" that give the company its value.

"We've taken a fledgling crowdfunding industry that was desperately in need of innovation," says Go Fish's Founder, "and using sophisticated technology where everyone works together to help each other succeed, we've vastly improved upon it.” A true believer, Baliva adds, "Like the old adage says, teach a man to fish and he'll eat for a lifetime. Well, now, millions of profit seeking crowdfunders can simply push a button and earn for a lifetime."

Go Fish Marketplace is the first and only "Customer Crowdfunding Platform," where “any” eCommerce site can raise funding in exchange for sharing a piece of their revenue pie as they scale up.