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"Go Fish takes your 'single' online store location and scales it out for you into 'thousands' of online store locations, each attended by an independent sales rep. To do this, your products are established with 75 'additional' new reps each week, each getting a clone of your Go Fish store."

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If you have a lot of products to upload, don't worry, you can use the Go Fish Merchant API to migrate or sync your whole external product database to your Go Fish Merchant Account instantly.

Go Fish Marketplace, from the Merchant's perspective, is the first "Sales as a Service" luxury marketplace that allows merchants that offer (any type of) high quality consumer products for women to start an online store to list their products and have their products sold for them via Go Fish's network of active, commission based Independent Sales Reps that work on an ongoing basis to generate commission for themselves and sales revenue for the merchants.

Once you list your products and set the "sales commission  %” for each product, the independent sales reps can get start getting a clone of your Go Fish online store and start selling your products to their social networks and other places where they engage with their own customers. When a sale is made you receive a notification via email and can view the sale in your Admin Panel, which is an organized back-end administration website where you can manage all of your front-end website content, products, and orders, much like being a General of your own army. The customer pays the shipping cost, and it's even simple for you to ship the products to the customers by printing a pre-paid, pre-populated shipping label with one click.

We also have multiple safeguards in place to maintain strict quality of luxury product presentation by the Personal Shopping Assistants, from automated system flagged customer reviews to recording all Face-To-Face-Video Personal Shopping Sessions to future planned measures, such as additional pre-certifications before shopping assistant account approvals and ongoing sales and business training. Go ahead and list your products as an "additional sales channel" while keeping your existing online store in place, you have nothing to lose.  

Commission Fee After A Sale

Go Fish does not currently charge a transaction fee of any kind to Merchants, only a 3% credit card processing fee that is passed on to you. All other proceeds go to you as the merchant minus the "sales commission" (that you set yourself on each of your products) which is given to each sales rep after they sell your products; the minimum commission you can set is 10%.

Some of the features that you receive:

* Instantly give all marketplace reps the ability to sell your products to their customers (Higher Commission You Set = More Sales)

* Versatile Go Fish Merchant API to auto-migrate or sync with your centralized external product database

* Admin Panel & Master Go Fish Products Website (which is cloned to your new sales reps)

* Innovative Face-To-Face Video Interface for sales reps to sell your products right from their couch!

* Automatic commission distribution to the sales reps, and you can withdraw your money at any time

* You can always recruit more reps on your own by advertising your Reseller Opportunity signup page

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What is the Personal Online Shopping Session Interface ?

It is a face-to-face video interface that allows all sales reps to interface with customers online from thousands of miles away. Sales reps can drag and drop your products onto the customer's screen so that both can see the product image, description, and price at the same time.

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