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We Invented A New Form of Crowdfunding Called "Customer Crowdfunding" 

This allows Crowdfunders to pay for your eCommerce site's advertising in exchange for a percentage of revenue from the customers that they bring in. You can also keep up to 20% of the crowdfunding capital in cash, letting the rest go toward your advertising.

All crowdfunders get our Ad Tool, which allows them to input money and direct a specialized Google Ads campaign toward your eCommerce site.

You can decide how much % revenue goes to your Crowdfunders and how much cash you keep. When a sale is made, the crowdfunder's share is added to their Go Fish Dashboard, and Go Fish sends you a Paypal request for it. Go Fish charges 5% of the transaction. All other proceeds go to you (the merchant) minus the "revenue share" (which you choose) that goes to your crowdfunders. The minimum you can set your transaction revenue share at is 15%.

[Demo Merchant Admin Panel: Use Login Email:  &  Password: 1077]

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