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A New Form Of Crowdfunding
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We Invented A New Form of Crowdfunding Called "Customer Crowdfunding" 

This allows Crowdfunders to pay for your eCommerce site's advertising in exchange for a percentage of revenue from the customers that they bring in. You can also keep up to 20% of the crowdfunding capital in cash, letting the rest go toward your advertising.

All crowdfunders can input money to direct an individualized Google Ads campaign toward your eCommerce site. Our system automatically creates your initial Google Ads campaign using the product categories that you enter here at registration as the initial keywords of your campaign. After signup, you will have the option to either leave your Google Ads Campaign in generic form (not recommended), or hire our expert Google Search experts to customize and further perfect your individual Google Ads campaign. Alternatively, if you commit to creating a crowdfunding account yourself and spending $1,000 on your own advertising, then we can provide the Google Search expert to customize and further perfect your campaign for free.  In the future, we will be creating a feature where you can have 100% access to manage your Google Ads Campaign yourself or hire your own expert to do so. 

After a sale is made, the crowdfunder's share is added to their dashboard, and Go Fish sends you a Paypal request for that money. The minimum you can set as the Crowdfunder's share is 15%. We then add 5% to Crowdfunder's share as Go Fish's fee. You never have to pay the crowdfunding amount back, and you only share your revenue when a sale is made (pay by performance).

Note: Our system currently allows only WooCommerce enabled sites to operate with our system; more integrations are coming soon.

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